La Torta Sbrisolona

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La Torta Sbrisolona

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La torta sbrisolona


is like a huge crumbly cookie. It is a typical Italian cake from the city of Mantova (Mantua, in Lombardia) and surroundings.

Torta = any sort of cake, pie, tart
Sbrisolona = Mantuan dialect for sbriciolona Briciola = crumb -> sbriciolare = to crumble,  -ona is an augmentative suffix.
Therefore “la torta sbrisolona” can be translated as

The big crumbling tart.

Buon appetito!

Ingredienti per 6 persone: 100 g di farina bianca (white flour)
– 100 g di farina gialla (lit. yellow flour -> corn meal)
– 100 g di burro a temperatura ambiente (butter at room temperature)
– 100 g di zucchero (sugar)
– 100 g di mandorle (almonds), o un misto (a mix) di mandorle e nocciole (hazelnuts)
–  un uovo (one egg)
– la buccia grattugiata di un limone (lit. the grated peel of one lemon)


– Preheat il forno (the oven) at 180 C
– Chop le mandorle (the almonds): you want some of the almonds to be chopped roughly and some to be finely ground. If you like them, you can keep some almonds as whole (intere).
– Mescola (mix) all the dry ingredients (tutti gli ingredienti secchi)- Aggiungi (add) the grated lemon zest (grate only la parte gialla, perchè la parte bianca è amara, bitter) and the egg
– Add the butter in clumps: you do not want to over mix or  knead, simply try to join the ingredients and keep large  crumbs
– Pour the briciole (crumbs) in a baking pan covered with a thin layer
of butter and farina gialla). You want to spread them to a thickness of  1 cm to 2.5  cm
– Bake until golden (typically it takes 30 to 60 minutes, based on the thickness)
– Lascia raffreddare. (Let it cool down). When you serve it, break it with your hands…it will form a lot of briciole. It is perfect  with a dessert wine! Vin Santo o Malvasia




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