Learn Italian with Group lessons

OfCourseItalian Group lessons are open to everyone. Classes are small and usually made up of a wide range of ages and professions, with various motivations for learning.

If you are a complete beginner or if you studied the language years ago and you would like to refresh it, the beginner course is the ideal solution to start speaking Italian.

If you have already taken classes and you are unsure of your level, please get in contact and we will organise an assessment over the phone so you can join a class at the most appropriate level.

Latest Group Course

Sign up for group lessons in one of our small group Italian courses.
Whether you are a beginner or you want to progress to the next level, we know the importance of learning in a fun and relaxed environment.

Italian Group Lessons with your friends

You may want to learn Italian with your Friends. If you would like to create your own group course we will be happy to provide a tutor to come to your home to teach you and your friends.

Please contact us here to let us know how many people you have in your group and what level you are.

Send us a message

We cannot always answer the phone immediately as we teach daily. Leave us your email and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.