Terms and conditions

1. OfCourseItalian cannot accept any responsibility for unforeseen changes in students’ circumstances that may prevent attendance

1.1 OfCourseItalian regrets that payment of fees by instalments cannot be accepted.

1.2 A discount applies to private tuition and corporate training depending on the number of hours booked.

1.3 OfCourse Italian reserves the right to refuse admission.

1.4 Students sponsored by their employer must supply an official order from the company stating that the employer will be responsible for the payments of the fees. An invoice will be issued upon presentation of the order form.

2 Course Policy

2.1 Courses are planned for a limited number of students. For this reason fees cannot be refunded once a course has started and no partial refund can be granted for classes not attended. OfCourseItalian cannot accept any responsibility for unforeseen changes in students’ circumstances that may prevent attendance. Request for cancellation and refunds must be made in writing with a proof of payment attached to the written request, before the course commences. The following charges will apply: £30 if the written request is received more then 10 days before the course starts, 30% of the total course fee if the request is received 10 days or under before the first day of the course.

2.1 Any change of course or schedule requested is subject to availability and an administrative charge of £30.

2.2 We advice you to enroll at least 5 days before the course commences. Courses may be cancelled in case of an insufficient number of students enrolled.

2.3 Fees will be refunded if a course is cancelled or closed due to an insufficient number of students, or for any other reason beyond our control.

2.4 OfCourseItalian reserves the right, if it considers it to be necessary, to combine or merge classes of similar levels.

3 Private Tuition and Corporate Training Policy:

3.1 Lessons have to be booked in block of 10 or 15 and they have to be paid for in advance. We reserve the right to cancel the first class if payment has not be made in due time.

3.2 Refund policy: due to the very nature of the tailor made classes, we regret that no refund can be made after classes have begun. Requests for refunds concerning contracts that have not yet begun must be made in writing and will be considered on an individual basis. A minimum charge of £100 will be applicable to cover administrative costs.

3.3 Policy for cancellation/ change of schedule: Tailor made courses aim to provide top quality tuition at times and dates chosen by the student and approved by the tutor. However, should unforeseen circumstances arise, further flexibility is provided by permitting a limited number of changes in the student’s schedule that doesn’t exceed 40% of the total number of hours. For a typical 10 classes contract it is permitted a maximum of 4 changes, provided that 24 hour notice is given. Please note that it is not permitted to postpone two classes in a row. If not otherwise specified and agreed between tutors and students classes are to be taken on a weekly bases.

3.4 We regret that classes which have not been cancelled as described in section 3.2 or   which cannot be reschedule as described in section 3.3 will be lost.