Italian through theatreOf Course Italian knows the importance of learning in a dynamic and active way. By teaching Italian through Theatre we provide the enjoyment, participation and  cooperation which is the most effective  part of  the learning process.  Theatrical activities along with music, dance and body consciousness, provide a powerful medium for team building.

The aim of our Italian through Theatre classes is to provide a non-competitive atmosphere where students and staff are highly motivated and feels comfortable with the new language in as short a time as possible. This goal is achieved through a series of specific teaching procedures, techniques, tools and role-play that aims to:

  • Create  a relaxed classroom atmosphere and a dynamic pace that  captures and holds student’s attention.
  • Improve and stimulate spontaneity and creative expression.
  • Create a privileged space  in which judgement is not allowed in
  • Give students an incentive to use the new language without worring about making mistakes
  • Engage the student on an emotional level.

Italian through Theatre is the perfect solution for those who want to develop their imagination and self-confidence whilst improving their fluency and expanding their vocabulary. The class provides stimuli for ongoing speaking, listening, writing and reading.