Italian  for BusinessItalian for Business  course is specifically designed for businesses  who wish to develop the practical use of the Italian language. Our London based tutors use authentic materials directly related to your working needs. We aim to give to you or your employees the tools to communicate effectively in front of an audience or by phone.

When involved in business with Italian-speaking customers, suppliers or other contacts, a knowledge of Italian can often be the factor that allows your company to keep one step ahead of the competition.

This knowledge may range from allowing just a few words of introduction, so as to be seen to be ‘making an effort’, through to conducting your business wholly in Italian.

For key figures, the ability to communicate with Italian-speaking business contacts in their own language can be vital when critical decisions are often influenced by personal relationships.

Provision of Italian language training enables your team to conduct the company’s business more effectively and can also help to retain key staff through increased job satisfaction and perceived benefits.

Our Italian for Business training empowers you and enables your company to succeed.

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‘Of Course Italian’ aim to provide:

  • Needs analysis and level assessment
  • Fully qualified Italian teacher
  • Practical teaching approach and authentic material
  • Flexibility to meet the most demanding timetable


Business Italian and Italian through theatre for team-building.

We provide:

  • Half day Italian Intensive Courses                (5 hours)
  • Full day Italian Intensive Courses                 (8 hours)
  • Weekend Italian Intensive Courses              (8 hours per day)
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