The teacher of Kabul is one of the books I read during this Christmas holidays.
The book tells the story of Selene Biffi and her humanitarian start up in Kabul.
Selene was born in Mezzago  in 1982, a small village not far from where I grew up.

This is a story of determination, courage and passion and tells us Selene’s journey to Kabul, where she launched in 2013 a storytelling school: the Quessa Academy.
Quessa in Dari language means stories and that is why Selene’s idea is revolutionary: Afghanistan is a place with an illiteracy rate of about 80%; a country where teachings and culture are often handed down from one generation to the next through oral stories.

Thank you Selene for sharing your amazing life experience and I hope it could be inspirational for all of us.

Please support her project and find more information here .

Happy new start to everyone and may you believe in all your dreams because one idea ( or dream?) at a time is the most powerful way we have to change the world.

OfCourseItalian wish you all a Happy New Year!



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