Welcome to Puglia, the last unbeaten paradise in the heel of Italy.

Puglia is one of the most beautiful region of Italy which remains relatively unknown to foreign visitors.
The region occupies the entire heel of Italy and stretches from Monte Gargano in the North, to Peninsula Salentina, the tip of the toe.

The region is more surprising than any other region in the south as almost everywhere, it is possible to discover diverse and unexpected surprises.

The impressive and unique city of Alberobello and its Trulli, the characteristic cone-roofed houses that make Valle d’Istria one of the 50 Unesco world heritage sites in Italy.
Towns and villages are an unique mix of exuberant architectural style thanks to the influence of the Saracens, Byzantines, Greeks and Normans.

If you travel  Southern you will encounter the city of Lecce, the Florence of the South, one of the most important Baroque city in Italy.
Another reason to head deep South is the Taranta music and the Notte della Taranta Festival.

Tarantella is a combination of rhythms and dances popular all over Southern Italy, although every region as its unique style. In Salento tarantella (from tarantola spider) is also called pizzicata which refers to the bite of  tarantula. Both terms recall the origin of this tradition: Tarantism.
It was an hysteric and convulsive condition which ancients believed to be caused by the tarantula’s bite.

The origin is ancient and fascinating in fact it has its roots in the dances of the bacchanals of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.

What happen if a Baritone singer from Notting Hill meets Amaraterra, an Italian music band from Salento? I had the pleasure to listen to their performance in London and here you have a short taste of their involving and passionate rhythm.

Last but not least I come to know a very interesting initiative, a call for all writers who wants to write their next novel in a retreat in Puglia and live an immersive Puglian experience.  My Italian student Sharon Luana Lewis will be present as a guest author.  Her second novel Forget me not has just been published and acclaimed by the Guardian.  Thank you Sharon to share with us this initiative. A great opportunity to practice Italian and discover a gem of Italy!

If you are interested in the writing workshop please find here all the information




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